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The best products and systems are useless unless your people possess the knowledge to use them effectively. Horizon offers extensive training options, from convenient online seminars to multi-day, hands-on, onsite courses.

Our trainers not only update your staff on the latest technology; they also show them how to apply our products in your environment for maximum efficiency, savings, and productivity.

Seminars. Your people can train at our location in the operation and maintenance of just about every type of product we supply. Each 2- or 3-hour session may feature hands-on workshops, and can highlight technical details of PLCs, cutting tools, drives, motion control, safety, energy conservation, and similar subjects. Some seminars feature an informal breakfast or lunch where you can network with peers and talk with Horizon staff. For our contractor customers, we also offer early-morning or evening events, which won’t interrupt critical workflows.

See below (scroll down) for a full listing of all Horizon Solutions’ training events. Events are listed alphabetically by branch, then by date. Find the branch (or branches) close to you and sign up for one of our valuable courses today!


Technical training. This 1-day or 2-day format typically zeroes in on a specific product and its application in your facility. Hands-on workshops are a vital feature. Through our world-class partners, Horizon can also offer a host of accredited technical courses in one of the nation’s largest industrial training programs. 

Online training. Your people don’t have to leave their desks to receive targeted training from our experienced engineers. On a year-round basis, Horizon offers quick 1-hour technical product updates in an online meeting format. These webinars are accessible via major Internet browsers. They’re also archived on our Web site for viewing anytime by Horizon customers.

Custom courses. For your most flexible training option, choose custom training at your own site. Developed by Horizon with our world-class supplier partners, these courses can be tailored to specifically focus on the area or product you most need to cover. Whatever the training need, Horizon can put together a class for you. From technical information to regulatory compliance, we are the source for all of your training requirements.

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Training Solutions ~ “Lunch & Learn”

IC Lunch & Learn Menu  Industrial Controls are a key component of Automation success. Would you like to learn more about Industrial Controls, Safety, Sensors and e-Tools available form Horizon Solutions? If so, check out our new IC Lunch & Learn Menu. Click here to view (PDF file).

A “Lunch & Learn” is a simple way of providing cost-effective and time-efficient training to you and your team at your facility. To learn more about “Lunch & Learn” options with Horizon Solutions, as well as our full portfolio of Training Services – Contact your local representative today.

Training Schedule
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Date: 09/22/2015
Course Name:
EtherNet/IP Fundamentals & Troubleshooting
Course Number:
CCP180 - Rockwell
Course Description: EtherNet/IP™ Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

Address:  32 Haigis Parkway, Scarborough ME 04074
Cost Per Person: $836.00
12 seats available
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Date: 09/23/2015 - 09/24/2015
Course Name:
Stratix 5700 Switch Configuration
Course Number:
CCP179 - Rockwell
Course Description: Stratix 5700 Switch Configuration for an EtherNet/IP™ Network

Address:  32 Haigis Parkway, Scarborough ME 04074
Cost Per Person: $1,240.00
12 seats available
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Friday, August 28, 2015
Rockwell Training


Training Options with Horizon Solutions and Rockwell Automation:

Classroom  Courses held at either your local Horizon Solutions or Rockwell Automation training facility. These are full day courses, ranging from 1 to 5 days in length and there is a fee to enroll. This training page details the entire calendar of open invite classroom courses offered by Horizon Solutions.

Virtual Classroom  Courses are easy to attend from the comfort and convenience of your own office with no travel required. Virtual classroom courses are held throughout each year, usually for a 1-week period each quarter. These are 90 to 120 minute courses and attendees can attend multiple courses in a given day. There is a fee to enroll.

Lunch and Learn  Let Horizon Solutions and Rockwell Automation come to your facility and bring value-added training to your people with minimal disruption and minimal cost. Lunch and Learn courses are offered on a variety of topics, tailored for your specific needs and applications. There may or may not be a fee for this type of training, it is content dependent.


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