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 Ingersoll is pleased to introduce GOLD•FLEX, the new product line that features a 4-edged insert for multifunctional operations. Suitable for grooving, parting, lateral turning and chamfer machining, GOLD FLEX provides excellent performance, repeatability and economy. GOLD FLEX inserts contain a unique, high positive chip former that provides excellent chip control in plunging and lateral turning operations, resulting in excellent surface finish as the chips are broken and moved away from the work piece. Low cutting forces also make this suitable for small diameter parts, tubes and other components where free-cutting action is needed. Click Here to Learn More

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Address: 175 Josons Drive - Rochester, NY14623

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Norton Rapid Prep Vortex- Quick Change abrasive discs are found throughout most MRO and metal fabrication applications. High Performance Abrasives can help improve throughput and productivity by reducing cycle times by 50%+. The proven NORTON technology can allow users to eliminate steps in technical blending operations such as light flash removal, casting cleanup, deburring and blending machining marks. Click Here to Read More
Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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Horizon Solutions is an Authorized Rockwell Automation Distributor.

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Hubbell's Disconnect Switch for Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) prevents downtime from out of sequence equipment shutdowns. The HBLDS3VFD integrates a verified break before break auxiliary contact factory installed in the HBLDS3 30 Amp disconnect switch enclosure that interfaces directly with VFDs. The use of VFDs is being extended to a wide variety of motor driven equipment applications. VFDs control the frequency of the electrical power supplied to motors. When a motor disconnect is turned off in a low frequency state, disconnect contacts can potentially be damaged. Click Here to Learn More