About Horizon, A Corporate Overview

Horizon Solutions LLC is a company that delivers value to our customers every day.  Our team works to provide technical expertise, supply chain solutions, training and education to our customers.  We work closely with Industrial Manufacturing Accounts, OEMs, Machine Builders, Commercial, Institutional and Municipal Facilities. We deliver both products and services - focusing on Automation, Electrical, Energy, Process and Safety applications.

Horizon Solutions LLC is a privately held electrical/industrial distributor in the Northeastern United States. We have branches across Upstate New York and New England.  We are a Delaware corporation with branches in Bangor and Scarborough (Portland), Maine;  Holyoke and Taunton, Massachusetts;  Manchester, New Hampshire;  Albany, Elmira and Rochester, New York.  If a “Headquarters” location is required, you may use Rochester, New York. 

Horizon Solutions can trace our local roots back to a variety of prestigious companies, with history back to 1857. Today, our eight branches cover every major market across Upstate New York and New England. We operate a central Distribution Center in Guilderland, New York – just outside of Albany.

From an Accounting standpoint, we process vendor invoices out of two locations – Scarborough / Portland, Maine and Rochester, New York.  Setting up one or more of these Bill To locations may be necessary depending on which one of our branches is ordering from your company. Thank you for your interest in Horizon Solutions.

Who we are…. Where we’ve been
Horizon Solutions LLC was formed on May 1, 2000 through the merger of Holmes of Portland, ME, Oakes Electric of Holyoke, MA, and RERO Distribution of Rochester, NY. This merger combined the strength of three leading Electrical/Industrial distributors with a history that dates back to before the Civil War.

Dick Wilson, Jim Newton, Peter Roby, & Bert Andrews

All three founding companies had deeply ingrained cultures of meeting and adapting to the needs of their local markets.  These companies had survived through economic cycles and years of war.  They thrived on technology changes and market transformations.  By the end of the 1990's it had become clear to the owners of Holmes, Oakes and RERO that if they were to continue to meet the needs of their respective customers and suppliers a new transformation was needed. Bert Andrews of Holmes, together with Jim Newton of Oakes, Dick Wilson and Peter Roby of RERO arranged for the merger of their three companies; The result was the creation of Horizon Solutions LLC.

At our core, Horizon remains a family-owned business serving our local markets as we always have - with knowledge, experience and quality products.  Horizon offers the service of your hometown distributor, with the strength and resources of a much larger company.   


Dick, Newt, Bert & Peter